Walraven opts for a specialized S&OP solution from Solventure

Michel van Buren
Nov 13, 2019 5:37:48 PM

Hoevelaken/Mijdrecht - This autumn, Solventure is helping Walraven – a manufacturer of technical installation materials and fixing solutions – to implement the Arkieva demand planning module. Other modules will follow later. “This S&OP solution will provide better insight into our customers’ wants and needs,” comments Renz Menu, Project Manager at Walraven for the implementation. “Besides resulting in higher service levels, this will give us the flexibility to respond to the market needs effectively.”

Need for responsiveness

Walraven develops, produces and supplies technical installation materials as part of fixing solutions that are used in residential and civil engineering projects as well as in offshore, shipbuilding, industrial and infrastructure projects. The rapidly growing company has production facilities and sales offices around the world, as well as warehouses in various countries. The product range is wide and the firm’s customers are very demanding. “Our products are often essential components in large and complex projects,” says Renz Menu, Project Manager at Walraven for the implementation of the S&OP solution. “It’s very important for us to be proactive and responsive. We regularly have to deliver within 24 hours and meet special requirements such as prefabrication or delivery per floor. To respond successfully to specific customer demands, you need a highly effective supply chain with end-to-end visibility.”

Discover the full Walraven customer case

‘A responsive supply chain is essential in the construction sector’

Keen to know more about how Solventure supports Walraven with their S&OP challenges? Read the full customer case and discover more about our approach and the advantages of this collaborative partnership!


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