Victrex implements the Arkieva Demand Planner

Nick Verstraete
Aug 13, 2020 2:13:22 PM

Solventure, the European channel partner of Arkieva announced that Victrex has implemented the Arkieva Demand Planner to create an enhanced demand planning process.

Victrex is a world leader in PEEK and PAEK based polymer solutions, helping manufacturers overcome complex design and engineering challenges. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in the UK with technical and customer support facilities in multiple markets, serving more than 40 countries.

In order to achieve a consensus forecast number, Solventure and Victrex joined forces to enable a better collaboration between the departments; Sales, Finance, Marketing, the Demand planners. The implementation of an APS (Advanced Planning System) replaced the use of a CRM system and multiple excel workbooks for forecasting.

Curious to read the full Victrex story?

Find out more about the results of the project and the record time of the implementation in our full customer case!

Victrex customer case

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