The S&OP growth story continues at Wonderful Brands

Jul 12, 2021 3:45:00 AM

Three years ago, we shared a Wonderful blog about Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP) at Wonderful Brands. It showed that within the same organization there can be various S&OP needs in different divisions or over time. The S&OP trajectory of Wonderful Brands was, and still is, a great example of the interaction between S&OP and revenue growth and illustrates how both can reinforce each other.

To remind you, Wonderful Brands is part of , a privately held $5 billion company and industry leader in consumer goods with 10,000 employees worldwide. The American company offers high-quality, healthy brands, helping consumers make better choices every day. By now, their Fiji Water, POM Wonderful juices, or Wonderful Pistachios may ring a bell.

The wonderful S&OP story so far

Back in 2018, Heidi Vanderswalmen, Supply Chain Director at Wonderful Brands, told her inspiring story of Wonderful Brand’s first steps in the EMEA region. This regional growth was initially strongly driven by customer demand and the supply chain in the U.S., but eventually the EMEA organization set up their own S&OP process. It quickly became clear, however, that relying solely on Excel wouldn’t cut it, so Wonderful Brands called in the help of Solventure. Based on the criteria Wonderful Brands defined - affordability, flexibility, planning on item level, fast implementation and quick results – we implemented the Arkieva One Plan S&OP Software Suite.

Since then, their S&OP process matured significantly over time. The biggest advantage was that the Arkieva software supported the company to make the switch from volume-driven to value-driven decision-making. After the upgraded S&OP contributed greatly to Wonderful Brand’s financial and regional growth in its first couple of years, Heidi now shares the next chapter in her supply chain growth story.

The next chapter: steamlining supply chain meetings

Since Wonderful Brands implemented Arkieva in 2018, we started to optimize our S&OP based on the clear reports that were available via the tool. On the one hand, the data made our supply chain meetings more efficient and created some information overlap between those meetings. That’s why we returned to the design board to...

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