The new Arkieva brand

Sara Timmermans
Dec 8, 2021 6:13:38 PM

For almost 30 years, our software partner Arkieva is known as a long-term trusted supply chain planning advisor. Throughout these years, they have been striving to become phenomenal problem solvers and the architects of real solutions. This mindset is what inspired the new Arkieva branding.

Arkieva's vision

The Arkieva employees share a passion and a talent for mathematical techniques and have great expertise in applying these techniques to supply chain planning challenges. Based on this knowledge, Arkieva created unique technology solutions which enable you to solve complex business problems through artificial intelligence (AI), optimization, or utilizing advanced data visualization techniques. It is named the Arkieva Planning Suite.

When the abovementioned talent and technology come together with Arkieva's customers, it becomes an agent for positive change. These elements help companies to transform their supply chain in terms of technology and in terms of process. "We take pride in bringing business value through our projects and preparing our customers for future challenges," states Sujit Singh, COO at Arkieva.

Trio of T's

Talent, technology, and transformation are key to sustainable supply chain planning, which makes Arkieva's customers successful in the long term. At Arkieva, the success of the customer is prioritized over short-term happiness. That is why Arkieva has a no-fluff problem-solving approach, which is visualized in the new branding.

The new branding shows Arkieva's problem-solver mindset. They promise to keep creating top-notch technology that will lead their customers to successful supply chain planning.

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Partnership with Solventure

A familiar vision polished into a new look&feel. As the European implementation partner of Arkieva, we are proud to support Arkieva’s rebranding.

"Solventure and Arkieva have been working together for many years to bring value and sustainable supply chain planning solutions to our customers. Over the years, both companies transformed and grew a lot. The new Arkieva branding succeeds in showing that growth path and the Arkieva DNA of problem-solving through real solutions. We are looking forward to continuing this growth path together." - Sara Timmermans, VP Business Innovation @ Solventure.

After multiple years of collaborating, the drive of the Arkieva team and its perspective on Supply Chain challenges is very familiar not to say the same to ours. This powerful rebranding supports the Arkieva values, embraces the necessity to tackle Supply Chain on multiple levels (talent, tech & transformation), and gives them a headstart towards the next 30 years of growth. Grateful to have a seat at the front row! – Katrijn Anthierens, Marketing Manager @ Solventure.


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