Perfetti Van Melle centralizes global supply chain process

Nick Verstraete
Nov 15, 2021 1:33:51 PM

Perfetti Van Melle is an international candy producer with 24 factories, 18.000 employees worldwide, and a net sales figure of 2.7 billion euro. With widely known chewing gum and candy brands such as Chupa Chups, Mentos, and Fruittella, Perfetti Van Melle focuses on product leadership while making the transition from a country-based demand planning to a centralized EU supply chain approach. The company based in Italy and the Netherlands is now working together with Solventure to make this switch in perspective and optimize their entire supply chain. We talked with Willemien Broeders, Global director Logistics at Perfetti Van Melle, to see how this partnership is going.

Which benefits have you attained with the improved supply chain process?

Thanks to the clear view we now have on our forecasts, we were able to reduce the stocks of our top sellers (such as Frisk and Mentos) from a 3-week to a 2-week safety stock, without any danger of running out of stock. This improved forecasting also makes the discussions with our customers go a lot smoother. Furthermore, it is now a lot easier to achieve an SLA (Service Level Agreement) score of 98.5% for all of our articles, even during the pandemic.

What are the next steps in your supply chain journey?

We want to drive our supply chain and long-term demand planning from one central unit, instead...

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