My journey as a marketing intern @Solventure

Mar 12, 2021 1:12:42 PM

Who am I

Hello I’m Man Tai, but most people just call me Boris. I’m a final-year student International Business Management at the Artevelde University College and for my last semester I’m performing an internship of 15 weeks at Solventure. I started here a few weeks ago and I’m very grateful that I get the opportunity to do my internship in this wonderful company, being part of the marketing team.

Why Solventure

In my choice for an internship I was really free in which direction I wanted to go, since my study doesn’t really have a specialization. As I always had a big interest in marketing, I decided to look for an internship with a marketing focus. I was also especially searching for internships where I could further improve my English because my study is also fully in English, and luckily Solventure could fulfil both of my requests. I was very charmed by their vacancy and what they could offer to me. By scrolling through the Solventure website I learned more about this young and growing company. At that moment it became clear to me that Solventure takes good care of their employees, so I was convinced that I want to do my internship here. I e-mailed them that I was interested and after a few calls I got the position of marketing intern.

What do I do here

I am a proud member of the marketing team at Solventure. My to-do list at the start seemed endless, so I don’t have to worry about being bored here. Thankfully, we’re planning and prioritizing the to do’s in a pragmatic way as a lot of the marketing tools are new to me. Some current projects of mine are working on a satisfaction survey and the marketing for the new book of our CEO, Bram Desmet, ‘The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain’. I’m also in charge to update the weekly training invites and monthly email workflows, and each week I’m encouraged to reserve time to enhance my marketing knowledge through online training sessions, certifications and many other things. My range of tasks is very varied and I don’t have to do the same things all time to keep it fresh.


My first weeks

I started my internship on February 16 so this is already week 4 of my internship. Reflecting on those first weeks I realize I’ve learned a lot by now, for instance how to use certain tools for marketing purposes, about supply chain, how to communicate in a professional way. Also the atmosphere here is fantastic. Due to Covid-19, I can only come two days a week to the office and colleagues who are present are limited too but they are all nice and very welcoming towards me. Also the view from the office is awesome, it’s always pleasant to see the Ghelamco Arena if you are a football fan. Pre-Covid-19 I heard the company could arrange some cheap football tickets from time to time but sadly this won’t be for me so finger crossed that they’ll think of me when we are allowed again to watch the game.

Special thanks to my mentors Katrijn Anthierens and Isabeau Van de Kerckhove for welcoming me to the marketing team and to assist me when I need it. I still have 11 weeks to go but I’m certain that those 11 weeks will be as fun and insightful as the first 4 weeks. This experience here will definitely help me sharpen my marketing career plan for the future.

Solventure is a very interesting company to do an internship, so if you are looking for an internship where you can have fun and learn at the same time, don’t hesitate to do it here.


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